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Greg Starr

Chief Executive Officer

Incisive and highly analytical CEO and Board Member, with more than 30 years’ international experience directing growth, streamlining operations, building high-performance teams, driving market penetration and creating operational excellence. Demonstrable commercial success in company growth, regulatory compliance, stakeholder engagement, transaction management, and investor relations.


Emperor Mines Limited

(underground Fijian gold mining company)

Finance Director/Company Secretary
then Managing Director

January 1991 – December 2004
Sydney, Australia
  • Navigated difficult financial times, compounded by mining performance and debt, post Fijian coup in 2000.
  • Arranged inaugural resources funding that generated substantial profits by hedging during a period of gold price collapse.
  • Secured a new lender and buyer of gold during coup period, completing difficult renegotiation of terms with union-backed workforce.
  • Defended a hostile takeover bid and galvanised management support for the sale of the company to retrieve shareholder value

Golden China Resources

Michelago Limited (Merger)

Finance Director, Managing Director
and Chief Executive Officer

December 2006 – January 2008,
Toronto, Canada Area
  • Critically appointed to secure finance following unfunded agreement to acquire a Chinese metal processing facility.
  • Analysed issue complexity, resolving legal compliance and negotiations, enshrining vendor supply within joint-venture terms to secure funding.
  • Post acquisition, transformed a 5-person gold explorer into a 600 staff, cash flow positive, environmentally-friendly, gold processor.
  • Consolidated company position with merger to a TSX listed company, and appointment to CEO.

Kenai Resources Limited

(exploration company, developing Brazilian gold mine and evaluating exploration ground in Oregon USA)


March 2010 – December 2013
Toronto, Canada Area
  • Following merger, retained by the Board as President.
  • Identified and acquired Brazilian gold mine project, securing a major shareholder.
  • Comprehensive compliance documentation, secured mining licence, and established a 50-person team. Subsequently secured a merger with AIM listed Serabi Mining.

Crater Gold Mining Limited

(ASX listed PNG Gold explorer)

Managing Director

February 2008 – March 2015
Sydney, Australia
  • Transformed the company from ineffectual explorer to profitable gold producer.
  • Developed strategic plan re-focusing on attracting mergers, rather than exploration.
  • Successfully merged with an organization with better production potential.
  • Sold an existing exploration asset to fund strategically-appropriate exploration, and secured a shareholder that funded the project through to production and cash flow generation.
  • Completed PNG mining licence arrangements leading to production.

BIR Finanical

(ASX listed Innovative Finanical Services)

Finance Director/Secretary

Sydney, Australia

BIR Financial Limited is an innovative financial services company which provides Equity Capital Market services including:

  • Managed Discretionary Accounts
  • The exclusive distribution rights to a disruptive new secured mortgage investment instrument called MNotes (for wholesale clients only)
  • A Crowd-sourced Funding licence (pending approval)

Tearum coordinated:

  • The transition of BIR Financial coming out of Administration
  • The acquisition of a Pulse Markets Pty Ltd
  • Raising new equity funds
  • Requotation on the ASX.

Diatreme Resources

Diatreme Resources Limited (ASX code: DRX)


Sydney, Australia

Tearum Principal Greg Starr is Chairman of Diatreme Resources Limited.

  • Diatreme Resources Limited (ASX code: DRX) is an emerging Australian producer of mineral sands. Based in Brisbane, Australia. Its flagship project is the Cyclone Zircon Project in Western Australia’s Eucla Basin, considered one of the Basin’s largest undeveloped zircon projects.
  • DRX’s mineral sands portfolio extends to North Queensland, with its Cape Bedford Silica/Heavy Minerals Project located next to the world’s biggest silica mine.

Azure Health Technology

(ASX code: ATZ)

Commercial Manager

Dec. 2018-Current
Sydney, Australia


  • Assisting the acquisition of new businesses
  • Managing the listing process
  • Developing Company Systems and controls
  • Finance and Company Secretarial management